March 17, 2020

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 034

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 034

“But the reason why the grave-digger made music must have been because there was none in his spade”

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All music and no talking! A mixtape for the modern day!


0:00 - Warmoon Lord - Victory of Irreverend Might

Finnish black metal done the traditional way.

6:45 - Krzysztof Drabikowski - Песнь 2

The sound of the guitars with mid-doom touches and the unmistakable atmosphere

14:18 - Havukruunu - Noidanhauta

A powerful storm of finnish pagan heavy black metal mixed with darkness and sorrow.

21:18 - Saiva - Nordan

Swedish black metal with traditional folk elements.

30:07 - Vilkacis - Beyond the Mortal Gate

Black Metal with a raw produktion and old school vocals.

40:05 - Vanum - Watcher in the Eastern Sky

Black metal as a spiritual war!

48:39 - Vukari - The True King Is Death

High art. Expressionistic, great, scope, a landscape of sound.

54:42 - Ayyur - The Lunatic Creature

A black metal specter of distant and magnificently wretched esotericism