Jan. 31, 2020

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 021

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 021

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”

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All music and no talking! A mixtape for the modern day!


0:00 - Hagazussa - Erhöre Den Klang Der Sterbenden Sonne

Grim, cold and melancholic black metal in the vein of the early material of Burzum.


9:32 - Mordrak - Nebel und Regen

Sinister and malevolent black metal hymns from this elusive horde.


17:54 - Embraced By Death - Blood Runs

Suicidal and depressive themes run throughout this black metal assault.


23:43 - Isaz - Reigen des Todes

Teutonic black metal from the late 1990s.


27:32 - Gorr - I Din Sørgestund

Norwegian black metal steeped in the stories of King Gorr!


31:52 - Labyrinth Spell - Night of Eternal Chaos

From beyond time, space and the primordial darkness, there comes an overwhelming storm that moves and destroys without mercy.


38:44 - Furan - Livets Endestasjon

In the dark refuge of the catacombs, this fiery ritual has been brewing.


44:10 - Yoth Iria - Under His Sway

 A grand blend of heavy/doom and epic black metal featuring former members of Rotting Christ.


50:17 - Har Shatan - The Blood Of Innocence

One man Germanic black metal band from the depths of Rhineland-Palatinate.


55:43 - Ad Omega - Great Mother Lilith

Abusive black metal hymns of blasphemy and heresy!