Jan. 14, 2020

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 016

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 016

"Every man who's born to be king becomes king. Every man who's born to be a slave doesn't know Satan."

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All music and no talking! A mixtape for the modern day!


0:00 - Wampyric Rites - II

Pure raw underground plague from Ecuador.


5:32 - Lament In Winter's Night - Beckoned Beyond The Twilight

A cold icy wind through the underground black metal scene.


11:38 - Vulthoom - Dunkleosteus

Mid-paced cosmic death worshipping USBM.


15:01 - Lamp Of Murmuur - Wandering Through Nightmares

A tsunami of rawly misanthropic black metal riffing, blasts and tortured screams cascade upon us with a ferociously menacing soundscape.


22:08 - Pa Vesh En - Wastelands of Plague

Incredibly bleak and lo-fi raw ambient black metal from Belarus.


29:10 - Obsidian Dawn - Echoes Of A New Dawn

Intense and sepulchral riffs and maniacal vocals sustain an overall grisly and raw sound which carries the essence of true hatred drenched in blood.


37:15 - Night's Threshold - Break The Sign, Destroy Everything, Forever

Black metal in it’s most raw and unforgiving form!


43:12 - Abhartach - The Strixes Dominion

Gloomy and atmospheric black metal from the US!


52:15 - Realglaube - I. Erfahrung I

Raw, yet melodic and atmospheric Black Metal thematically dealing with the philosophies of German philosopher Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi.


56:40 - Brånd - Kraft Aus Da Ruah

Raw black metal with punkish vibes.