Dec. 6, 2019

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 005

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 005

More great stuff assaulted my ears this week. Enjoy!

0:00 - Sinmara - Apparitions

Chaos worship from the barren wastes of Iceland!

7:20 - Warmoon Lord - In A Rotting Memories Grave

Primitive, raw and relentless black metal done the way only the Finns can!

13:33 - Panopticon - The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong

Extremely diverse black metal mixing american folk music and elements of post-rock with an amazing atmosphere!

23:04 - Kriegsmaschine - The Pallid Scourge

Hypnotic and dissonant riffing throughout this Polish masterpiece.

30:47 - The Ruins Of Beverast - Towards Malakia

Atmospheric black metal layered with doom and thick pounding drums!

40:23 - Fimbulwinter - Servants Of Sorcery

One of the very first Norwegian black metal bands! Often overlooked.

47:13 - Winterfylleth - Pariah's Path

Sonic enchanters of the majestic essence of English landscapes, that are bonded with a strong sense of ancestry, and delivered with gracious malice.