Dec. 1, 2019

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 004

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 004

Crossed into several different forms of black metal this time.

0:00 - Drautran - Deiciamus in Nihilum

Pagan black metal with heavy punishing riffs! Harsh vocals with an appetite for power and majesty.

2:53 - Uburen - The Mountains Wept

Dense obscure atmosphere harnessed within viking black metal.

9:29 - Iphicrate - My Nocturnal Nemesis

Prepare for the Norman invasion! This band blends Norman roots with the black metal traditions and avant-gardism of the 90's.

22:00 - Der Henker - Annihilation In Blasphemy

Italian black metal horde bringing a new world order of chaotic supremacy!

26:35 - Feigd - Where Is Your God?

Harsh viking black metal from Norway!

33:43 - Allegiance - De Nordiska Lagren

A brutal death and black metal assault done the Swedish way!

40:00 - Ars Macabra - Cursed Paradigm

Blasting black metal from the first Moonspell Rites compilation!

45:33 - Decline Of The I - Lower Degree Of God's Might

A track from the second Moonspell Rites compilation. This track is from a conceptual trilogy based on the French neurobiologist Henri Laborit's comportemental experiences on rats, most likely when confronted to agression.

50:24 - Draugsang - Nordlands Trompet

Twisted black metal from the northern reaches of Norway. Featured on the third Moonspell Rites compilation.