Nov. 29, 2019

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 002

Fist Of Satan 666 - Episode 002

This time around it's more raw and less atmospheric.

0:00 - Satanist Terrorist - Holocaust, Rape and Torment

Evil and torturous black metal from the underground depths of Finland, a creation of pure ancient malevolence!

4:29 - Монах - Okovani Pogled

Hateful black metal from Serbia.

7:45 - Human Serpent - Whore Of The Coming Plague

Perverted black nihilism from Greece.

13:21 - Yaldabaoth - Pronoia

A violent storm on the revolted waters of disorder. Raw black metal from Brazil.

23:10 MasseMord - The Age Of The Wolf

Norwegian raw black metal with extreme lyrics alternated with enchanting and depressive black metal parts.

26:46 - Winter Path - Mistress Of Nightmares

Little is know about this anti-Christian blasphemy from Greece

32:31 - Mutilated Tyrant - The Infernal Legions

Harsh black/death metal hailing from the deserts of Arizona.

36:15 - Vesperith - Fractal Flesh

A journey into cosmic mysticism. Experimental, intuitive, abstract, futuristic black metal.

42:49 - Pagan - The Last Circle of the Abyss... to the Coming

Raw hateful black metal from Belarus.

50:19 - Tragediens Trone - Stygian Fluke

Cold, esoteric aggressive black metal from Norway.