Nov. 14, 2020

Sargeist - Unbound

Sargeist - Unbound

W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SARGEIST's highly anticipated fifth album, Unbound.

By now, SARGEIST require no introduction. For nearly 20 years now, the band - led by erstwhile HORNA guitarist/songwriter Shatraug, who's arguably the most prolific metal musician of that same period - have been at the forefront of the ever-fertile Finnish black metal scene. In fact, alongside HORNA, one could say that SARGEIST are the most influential band of that scene, which has gone on to influence countless other worldwide scenes in this millennium.

And while each SARGEIST full-length has been a stunning snapshot of the band's headspace during that point in time, so, too, does the long-awaited Unbound provide a poignant portrait - one of a nearly reinvented lineup, but one just as vital. Gone is the "classic" SARGEIST lineup that included longstanding co-conspirators Torog and Horns (vocals and drums, respectively). Now, a rhythm section - bassist Abysmal and drummer Gruft - who together possess a wealth of experience in the Finnish metal underground; erstwhile Nightbringer and ADAESTUO guitarist VJS, whose activities also span other bands and continents; and vocalist Profundus, who's been an incredibly prolific drummer the last couple decades, and...  more.

"Unbound" was recorded at Helsinki and Tampere, Finland, by the coffin spirits during late 2017.
Mixed and mastered during winter 2018 at Trollhouse.
All gospels courtesy of Shatraug with the exception of "Blessing of the Fire-Bearer" by VJS, scriptures by Shatraug and Profundus.
Cover artwork courtesy of Misanthropic-Art.
Faces of Hecate artwork courtesy of Milya Yanovskaya.
Photos and layout courtesy of Elena Vasilaki.

Released October 11, 2018