Nov. 1, 2020

Aornos - Gelum - Der Nachtfrost

Aornos - Gelum - Der Nachtfrost

AORNOS is a monumental BM band, formed in Hungary by Algras.
The inspiration is given and eternal: the dark projection of Existence, endless Nature, Cosmos and the attemt to passing the ordinary, human, all too human things...

Snow-white Death wings the air
Leads its forces towards barbaric lands
With Wind-Scourge in the hand
The harrowed body of Mother Earth it shreds

With their last breath stately trees break in two
When the blade of the Executioner's Sword flashes
In the cruel Winter's grasp

Benumbling frostkilling breath of throat
Covers up the clods with winding-sheet
And the world closed in the ice-coffin lies

Silhouettes of sinister pinewoods on the mountainsides
Wolf’’s mournful sound scratches melancholy on the grim crags
And the faint Moon looks down sadly
To the waste land of the White Silence

Among blaze of stars
A dumb smile spreads over
A Faded Face

Above the thick-icy lake hidden in mist
I am touched by the veiled hand of a dying desire
But cold fingers
Wring my heart...

Released November 1, 2020