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The Diseased Heart Of Society is so much more than ‘just another album’. It represents the complete rebirth of one of the UK’s most enduring thrash metal outfits and sets new standards in the process. Solitary have rediscovered the passion and anger that first inspired them to take up arms and rage at the world around them. Coupled with their hard earned experience, musical aptitude and the unquestioned skills of producer extraordinaire Simon Efemey (Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Napalm Death etc) the results are nothing short of staggering. From the unbridled fury of first single, ‘Unidentified’ to the accomplished majesty of epic album centrepiece ‘The Anthem Of Regret’, via precision thrash masterpieces like ‘Trigger Point Atrocity’ and ‘The Edge Of Violence’, Solitary have created an album of overwhelming power and focussed force. The Diseased Heart Of Society will take you by the throat and shake you ‘til you’re broken.
The band’s allegiance to the thrash metal cause has always been unflinching and from the heart; their 2014 live album setting out their manifesto in clear and simple terms – I Promise To Thrash Forever. They’ve ridden out the ever changing tides of fortune without wavering in their dedication and now is their time. The Diseased Heart of Society is the greatest album of Solitary’s career, casting long shadows over all they have released before – even their acclaimed 2008 album Requiem. This album is not just a personal pinnacle though; it can take on anything released by the big names in thrash in recent years – take them on and win.

The Diseased Heart Of Society is a roar of defiance from a band that are sick of the state of the world around them and tired of the weak imitations that have been masquerading as their beloved thrash metal. Enough is enough. Solitary are taking a stand and every true thrash fan will be proud to stand with them.

Richard Sherrington – Vocals/Guitar
Andy Mellor – Lead Guitars
Pete Hewitt – Bass
Roy Miller – Drums

Genre: Thrash Metal
For fans of: Slayer | Testament | Forbidden | Xentrix
Further Information:
“Love thrash? You owe it to yourself to check this shit out!”
Worship Metal review of the ‘Unidentified’ single

“In 1986, it took Slayer just twenty eight minutes to change the face of thrash metal forever with ‘Reign In Blood’ … Solitary may have just done the same in thirty three minutes.” – METAL GODS TV

“…a sharp, tight and dark modern take on the classic Bay Area thrash metal sound…” – FRAME MUSIC

“Intense doesn’t even begin to describe how hot this album is…” – SOUNDSCAPE MAGAZINE

“…couldn’t have been more exhilarating…” – THE HEADBANGING MOOSE

Fist Of Satan Podcast – Episode 4 – Underrated 80s Thrash

Thrash, like death metal, was an important part of my extreme metal journey!

Growing up in eastern Canada in the late 80s/early 90s there was no internet or even a scene to help discover new music.

Our only exposure to new bands was Much Music’s ‘The Power Hour’!

I never had cable tv but my best friend did so every Thursday night he would tape “The Power Hour”.

As soon as the show was done I would call him and ask “Did they play anything thrash?”. I then had to wait until Saturday when he would loan me the tape.

It was through The Power Hour we learned about bands like Death Angel, Sacred Reich and Overkill.

Those well known bands lead to zines and tape trading and I discovered lesser known gems. It’s those underrated bands I focus on with this podcast.


0:00 – Possessed – Seven Churches
3:13 – Artillery – Terror Squad
8:56 – Razor – Iron Hammer
12:32 – Hobbs’ Angel Of Death – House Of Death
16:39 – Rigor Mortis – Die In Pain
20:35 – Bloodfeast – Kill For Pleasure
23:48 – At War – Conscientious Objective
28:09 – Hallow’s Even – There Are No Rules
29:49 – Exciter – Stand Up And Fight
32:35 – Morbid Saint – Lock Up Your Children
36:05 – Whiplash – Power Thrashing Death
40:16 – Exumer – Possessed By Fire
45:08 – Living Death – Grippin’ A Heart
49:41 – Coroner – Masked Jackal
54:27 – Atrophy – Violent By Nature
58:20 – Deathrow – Satan’s Gift
1:01:19 – Blessed Death – Knights Of Old Bridge
1:07:59 – Iron Angel – The Metallian
1:12:12 – Znowhite – To The Last Breath

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