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PAGAN HELLFIRE “On the Path to Triumph” 12″LP

Pagan Hellfire is one of the best and oldest Canadian black metal hordes. Their fifth album is no different than all their previous efforts, a restless, powerful and epic black metal journey. A spark from the now forgotten genuine days of the 90s, Pagan Hellfire is staying true to the original black metal sound and ideal. Tour de Garde is proud to collaborate on the vinyl version of another Pagan Hellfire masterpiece.




AMESTIGON “Through the Ages we preserve / Mysterious Realms” Pro-MC

A glorious relic from the forgotten times of Austrian black metal underground…. The first two demos from Amestigon, “Through the Ages we preserve…” (1995) and “Mysterious Realms” (1995), are now gathered on a single pro-cassette release including the rare “Moon turning red” track which originally appeared “The first Battle Cry” (1994). Amestigon were sailing the same waters as Abigor and Summoning, signed a contract with Napalm Records back in the day, and were having everything in hand to become as known as their country mates. Tour de Garde is honored to finally make these rare recordings available again on cassette format. If you were not lucky enough to obtain a copy of these demos back then or if you simply weren’t there, it’s your chance to grab a parcel of what you missed… The pure essence of the true black metal underground.



AMESTIGON “Remembering Ancient Origins” Pro-MC

Originally released as an highly limited CD-R and available for the first time on cassette, “Remembering Ancient Origins” is a monument of supreme Austrian black metal art. Four epic, glorious and frightening sinister hymns and an intro, all recorded back in 1999. It’s now your chance to hold in your hands one of the purest and rarest artifacts of the almighty Austrian black metal underground.




There are people who love, there are people who hate. Diapsiquir is an installment that divides, welcome to “180°” and if you don’t like it please leave now… A chaotic, poetic and realistic voyage into Damien and Pascal’s reality. Diapsiquir escapes the nostalgic fantasies of the metal underground to create a profound analysis of their life and the modern world that surrounds them. Musically somewhere in between Fantomas, Assassin and Jacques Brel, Diapsiquir provides a new kind of music for a new kind of listener. It’s now time to leave the past behind… Be warned that understanding French is a must to enjoy the poetry behind this masterpiece.



SAPAUDIA “Sainte nuit” Pro-MC

The relatively unknown Sapaudia might be a whisper from the depths of the French black metal underground but a recent addition to this French unit’s lineup has made a very interesting case for exploring. Re-introducing Swedish black metal vocalist and weirdo extraordinaire Ravenlord, formerly of Woods of Infinity fame, the powerful, morose atmospheric black metal defined in Sapaudia’s debut, which is actually featured in a subsequent section, Sapaudia’s sonic depression takes on a much more sinister, desperate persona. Youngster Duc de Sapaudia’s traditional take on a more depressive black metal sound which wouldn’t sound out of place on a shelf with Shining and Drudkh, pairs perfectly with Ravenlord’s over-the-top shrieks and wails. Though this ultimately leaves us with an unquenchable thirst for more Woods of Infinity, Sapaudia fills the void left in their absence surprisingly well.



COFFINSHADE “Songs for the Sleeping Dead” Pro-MC

Gloomy, mysterious and depressive black metal created by darkened souls from the U.S. (Lord Psychosis) and Poland (Cmentarna Dusza). Coffinshade’s “Songs for the Sleeping Dead” is a revival of forgotten sorrow and of living nightmares. Raw, atmospheric and yet progressive underground black metal to its best… A magnificient release to listen to on rainy days or solitary nights.



Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

A:S: “Necroveneto” MC
BLACK WITCHERY “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom ” Pro-MC
BLOOD TYRANT “Aristocracy of Twilight” Pro-MC
CURVED BLADE “Coiled Together” 7″EP
OLD TOWER “The Rise of the Specter” Pro-MC
PAGAN HELLFIRE “Distant Winds Returns” Pro-MC
SACRED DOMINIONS “Sacred Dominions” MC
WĘDROWCY~TUŁACZE~ZBIEGI “Światu jest wszystko jedno” CD

Review- Blatta- Ghast

Layers upon Layers

A one-man Atmospheric, Depressive Black Metal project straight from the heart of Münster, Germany, Blatta has progressed a long way and re-defined what it means to be a German Black Metal band. Blatta’s most recent effort, an independently released demo entitled “Ghast”, takes its music to another level, in terms of atmosphere.

Arisas, the sole member, is dedicated to writing massively-layered compositions that fans will even find comparable to those of the great Nortt. In fact, I contacted him recently and asked what some of his influences were and how his songs come to be, and he cited Xasthur, Leviathan, I Shalt Become, Mutiilation, and a relatively new band named Byyrth as his major inspirations. But it did not stop there.

He reflected, “not just music inspires me… I live in a very small town and… it’s really depressing here. The people, the atmosphere… the streets in general,” showing that even his every-day surroundings are fuel for his creativity. He continued, saying “The songwriting process begins with a basic idea, [it] could be a riff or a vocal melody,” and from there he “layers a lot of guitars [in order to] make it feel like the sound is buried underground”.

This said process yields tremendous results, which are ostensible throughout “Ghast”, from its pensive, ambient stages to its roaring, atmospheric riffs, exposing the listener to a miasma of deep, dark depression. Blatta will likely not tour this year, but Arisas plans to build further upon the musical accomplishments of “Ghast” and will independently release a split album with Putrescence in the near future. This album will feature even more layers of guitars than ever before, as well as some Burzum-inspired riffs, so stay tuned!