Fist Of Satan 666 – Episode 010 – Death ‘n’ Roll

Every now and then I come across a sub-genre of metal that just kicks my ass! This week it was Death ‘n’ Roll that kicked my ass and got my toes tapping!

0:00 – Kemerov – Plague Of Nations

From the album ‘FMKD’ released on Vault Relics in 2017.
Country of Origin: Greece

4:05 – The Generals – Consulting With The Sinner

From the album ‘Stand Up Straight’ released by Metal Central in 2009
Country of Origin: Sweden

8:00 – Chrome Division – Serial Killer

From the album ‘Doomsday Rock ‘n’ Roll’ release by Nuclear Blast in 2006.
Country of Origin: Norway

11:42 – Convulse – The Green Is Grey

From the album ‘Reflections’ released in 1994 by Relapse Records
Country of Origin: Finland

15:01 – Motorjesus – Motor Discipline

From the album ‘Wheels of Purgatory’ release by Drakkar Records in 2010.
Country of Origin: Germany

18:30 – Sinatras – Something To Hate

From the album ‘Drowned’ released by logic(il)logic Records in 2017.
Country of Origin: Italy

23:27 – The Carburetors – Allright, Allright

From the album ‘Pain Is Temporary, Glory Is Forever’ released by FaceFront in 2004.
Country of Origin: Norway

26:53 – Sanctimony – Human Grudge

From the album ‘Unholy Five’ released by Thunderforge Records in 2016
Country of Origin: Latvia

32:37 – Blackshine – Born A Denier

From the album ‘Lifeblood’ released by Dockyard 1 Records in 2006.
Country of Origin: Sweden

36:34 – Phazm – The Soothsayer

From the album ‘Scornful of Icons’ released by Osmose Productions in 2006
Country of Origin: France

40:51 – Chief Rebel Angel – Mean Machine

From the album ‘Death Rock City’ released by Edge Records in 2007
Country of Origin: Hungary

43:30 – Feral – Reborn In The Morgue

From the album ‘From The Mortuary’ released by Cyclone Empire in 2016
Country Of Origin: Swden!/pages/Feral/102289189809609?ref=ts

48:44 – Horrific – Dead At Midnight

From the album ‘Your Worst Nightmare’ released by Razorback Recordings in 2009.
Country of Origin: USA

53:32 – Demoniah – A Wolf Wanting Fresh Meat

From the album ‘Uncontrolled’ released independently in 2015.
Country of Origin: Brazil

58:20 – Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – I Gotta Go

From the album ’35 Supersonic’ released by Rodeostar Records in 2016
Country of Origin: Sweden

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