Ottawa Doom LONGHOUSE Stream ‘No Name, No Marker’; New Album ‘II: Vanishing’ Out April 14th

For Fans of Cult of Luna, High on Fire, Neurosis, Khemmis, Unearthly Trance

Ottawa, ON’s LONGHOUSE came into being in 2013 when guitarist Marc Casey and bassist/vocalist Joshua Cayer turned their long-standing song-writing partnership into a full band with drummer Mike Hache to complete their circle of dark, riffy, heavy textured doom metal. They released their debut album ‘Earth from Water’ in 2015, a spiritual odyssey into the perseverance of the human spirit and the lessons we can learn from the natural world.

In November 2016, LONGHOUSE returned to Wolf Lake Studios to record with Mike Bond (Loviatar, Norilsk, Arms of the Girl) once again as producer and engineer for the outcome to be their sophomore album entitled “II: Vanishing”. The album continues the pleasing progression of their debut while retaining the band’s core sound of heavy, intricate riffs, splashed with a touch of post-metal to guide you on a dark and visceral journey spanning nearly 40 minutes over five tracks.

“II: Vanishing has a logical evolution that is evident in the composition, as well as production. I also think that fans should take a moment to reflect on some of themes that are threaded throughout the album.” says vocalist / bassist Joshua Cayer. “The bulk of my ideas musically and lyrically come from exploring Indigenous ways of knowing. I am Algonquin First Nations. My family’s community is Kitigan Zibi, outside of Maniwaki, QC. However, I grew up in the city, mostly detached from my culture. As a father, I have been trying to immerse myself in the stories, wisdom, and strength of our Elders, knowledge keepers and story tellers, so that I can pass that on to my daughters. Because this takes up so much space in terms of who I am, and who I am becoming, it plays a very large part in terms of influences I draw upon.”

Those influences can be heard in LONGHOUSE‘s first single “No Name, No Marker”, a song written for the voiceless Indigenous children who were abused and died while forced to attend residential schools in Canada and were buried in unmarked graves.

“No Name, No Marker” streaming at

Youtube –

“II: Vanishing” will be unleashed digitally on April 14th via their Bandcamp with physical cassette release June 2017 (date to be determined) via Sunmask Records.

Track Listing:
1. Hunter’s Moon (8:38)
2. Vanishing (6:13)
3. Blood And Stone (5:57)
4. No Name, No Marker (7:59)
5. The Vigil (10:06)
EP Length: 38:55


“The one song from the album released for public listening so far is “No Name, No Marker“, and if you guess that refers to graves, you would be correct. It’s a riveting mix of doom and post-metal with blackened shrieking in the vocal department. After a haunting, grief-stricken opening, the track becomes heavier and more intense by orders of magnitude, eventually becoming a big juggernaut of earthquaking chugs and groaning chords, with guitar leads that shimmer, flicker, and spiral around the powerful rhythms like ghost lights. The wrenching vocals add to the music’s intensity, and the grinding bass solo is a nice touch as well.” – No Clean Singing

“Longhouse plays a musical style that takes sludge and doom metal and mixes them with with a very heavy vocal approach to create a very dark sounding recording, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover various spiritual and occult concepts.”  – Doomed to Darkness

Fist Of Satan 666 Podcast – Episode 006 – Calgary Metal

Calgary, while a fairly sparsely populated when compared to parts of Europe and Asia, boasts a very robust metal scene.

While our strengths are firmly rooted in the technical death metal genre Calgary has produced some top notch bands in pretty much every metal sub-genre.

Calgary is a prime example of quality of quantity.

Those familiar with the Calgary metal scene will surely be asking “Where’s Operation Winter Mist?” and “How could you leave out Divinity?”.

While researching for this podcast I was pretty overwhelmed by how many amazing bands are in Calgary. I’ve tried to balance with the roots of our scene, the heavy weights and some of the new blood. Had I not made the hard choices this would easily have been a five hour podcast.

0:00 – Black Pestilence – Carry On The Black Flame

From the album ‘Carry On The Black Flame’ released by independently in 2016.
Formed in 2008
Genre: Black Metal with Punk/Noise Influences
Lyrical themes: Satanism, Social issues

2:44 – Ye Goat – Herd Gods – Beneath the Trees

From the album ‘Becoming Flesh’ released independently in 2012.
Formed in 2010
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: War, Death, Destruction, Disease

7:31 – Eldensky – Breaking of the Sky

From the album ‘From Forgotten Pagan Realms’ released by Sounds of the Land Records in 2011.
Formed in 2007
Genre: Folk/Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Folklore, Nature, Heathen Legends, Norse Mythology

12:26 – Beyond Possession – Vengeance

From the album ‘Tell Tale Heart’ release independently in 1985
Formed in 1985
Genre: Thrash Metal/Crossover
Lyrical themes: Frustration, Surrounding pressures, Social Issues

15:06 – Hellborn Death Engines – Bridge of no Return

From the album ‘Welcome To The Hellmouth’ released independently in 2014.
Formed in 2011
Genre: Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: Video games, Movies, Comic books, Pop culture

20:28 – Meggido – Evolution Outlawed

From the album ‘Evolution Outlawed’ released independently in 2016.
Formed in 2015
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

24:09 – Ravenous – Into The Abyss

From the album ‘Eternal Hunger’ released independently in 2016.
Formed in 2016
Genre: Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Battle, Victory

28:08 – Hrom – Hellbound

From the album ‘Legends of Powerheart Part I’ released independently in 2015.
Formed in 2008
Genre: Power/Speed Metal
Lyrical themes: Space, Fantasy, Reality

33:02 – Viathyn – Frail Titan

From the album ‘The Peregrine Way’ released independently in 2010.
Formed in 2016
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Personal Struggles, Nature, Cosmicism

39:25 – Exit Strategy – The Duality of Man

From the album ‘United State of Amnesia’ released independently in 2008.
Formed in 2006
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes: Anti-War

43:05 – DayOne – Spawned Of Murder

From the album ‘DayOne’ released independently in 2015.
Formed in 2010
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Murder, Revenge, Killing

46:18 – Akakor – Psychotropic

From the album ‘Human Sacrifice’ released independently in 2010.
Formed in 2008
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Grindcore

48:42 – Breaker – Satan’s Lyre

From the album ‘In Days Of Heavy Metal’ released by Iron Head in 1982.
Formed in 1982
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Freedom, Metal, Satan

52:50 – Touchdown – On The Run

From the album ‘Tricks Of A Trade’ released by Woolfe Records in 1985.
Formed in 1983
Genre: Heavy Metal

56:46 – Reverend Kill – 666 Conspiracy

From the album ‘His Blood, Our Victory’ release by MercyKill in 2008.
Formed in 2004
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Satan

1:00:32 – Okazaki Fragments – As The Planet Falls

From the album ‘Abandoned’ released independently in 2015.
Formed in 2014
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes: Science, Misanthropy, Society, Darkness, Hate, Space

1:03:34 – Cultist – Incessant Overuse

From the album ‘Demo 2016’ released independently in 2016.
Formed in 2015
Genre: Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Sci-fi, Mythology/Legends, Society, Mental Illness

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Review – Black Pestilence – Carry On The Black Flame

Spreading the Pestilence

Driven by Valax’s thundering bass and vocals, Black Pestilence has been a force with which to be reckoned ever since its inception in 2008. Suitable for fans of Marduk, Toxic Holocaust, and Inquisition, their latest effort “Carry on the Black Flame (EP)”, featuring Little V (drums, backing vocals) and Viktor (guitar), is a magnificent barrage of Blackened Punk.

Each song consists of unique riffs (often in the vein of Punk with a Black Metal sound) which utilize different octaves and voicings in order to make a more full sound, rather than repeating the exact same chords. At times, there are melodic leads, usually with harmonies, over the riffs, creating more of a technical aspect and an extreme quality of structure, all the while contributing to their inimitably heavy sound.

On top of that, Little V’s rhythmically creative drumming and Valax’s clever use of electronic samples make Black Pestilence’s sound one of the most dynamic that I have ever heard. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why Black Pestilence has such a dynamic sound is Valax’s songwriting structure and orchestration.

This is put on full display at the start of the fourth track “Rise for Satan”— it starts with a slow, epic riff, accompanied by electronic noise samples. This riff steadily comes to a halt as it strips down to a stand-alone guitar melody and eventually to a brief silence, broken by the words “rise for Satan”. At that point, each of the instruments come in at a full speed attack in a way that only Black Pestilence can.

Their music can be found at:

And their contact information is as follows:
Instagram –
Facebook –
Twitter –

REVIEW [Label/Distro] – Tour De Garde

Location – Quebec, Canada
Opened In: 2001
Genre – Black Metal
Format – Cassette/CD/Vinyl/T-Shirts
# Of Releases – 125+
Whether it’s the most technical death metal or the coldest primitive black metal Quebec has been the epicenter for extreme metal in Canada. Based on that ordering from a black metal label based in Quebec was a no brainer. It also helps that I am a fellow Canadian so shipping cost and time are greatly reduced.

One complaint I often have of underground distros is poorly designed websites. I can’t count how many times I’ve been on a distro’s site, been interested in release or two and then can’t find any damn way to place an order,  let alone how to contact the label.

That said, Tour De Garde does not suffer from this at all! Their website is very easy to use and order from. Clean layout. Just enough info about everything for sale. User account system that tracks previous orders. Etc. Very pro!

On December 28, 2016 I placed an order for some Pagan Hellfire, Kenaz and Akitsa CDs and a copy of Among The Ruins zine. Everything was shipped the next day and arrived January 3, 2017! It probably would have been faster as the postal system had some days off for New Years. Also included in the package was a free CD!

The only slight downside I can think of (and I am really struggling to think of any downside) is they have too much to choose from. Like ordering at a restaurant that has a 20 page menu you soon become overwhelmed. They have over 650 cassettes alone to choose from!

It would be great to be able to filter on sub-genre or country to help narrow down choices especially when you aren’t familiar with most of the bands. Having a huge selection isn’t really a complaint though. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

So, in conclusion, Tour De Garde are a fantastic label who have a huge selection (easily over 1000 products) and take their work very seriously! They deserve your support!

Rating: 9/10

The Projectionist (Black Metal)

The Projectionist (previously known as Lord Matzigkeitus), is initiated by the frontman Lord Matzigkeitus (Ex – Idolatry). He was soon joined by comrades from some other diabolic acts including Vile Insignia, Unrest, Ov Enochian, Belchior etc. to evoke new unexplored domains of intellectual fury and bleakness in black metal with complete despotic will poured over its endeavors. It is a force in its own right to provoke the listeners with haunting layers of varied shrieks and mournful yet passionate violent guitar work.

The new Projectionist full length “Poisonous Disengagement” is a true pure black metal recording rife with hatred, isolation and anhedonia. The brainchild of Lord Matzigkeitus (ex-Idolatry) explores vast chasms of darkness and is sonorously evil in every way conjurable. Despondent album cover crafted by C. Hernandez of Xasthur.

A modern sorcery for captive audience in a shadowed state. A ferocious cover of “Under the Blade” (A Classic from Twisted Sister) has added a different aura into the album.

Grieve your days into new wines of torture and illness!!