Molested Divinity Signed To Show No Mercy Records

Show No Mercy Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of
Brutal Death Metal slaughterer Molested Divinity!

Show No Mercy Records and the Turkish Death Metal veterans Molested Divinity
joined forces to release their debut full length record in next year.
Molested Divinity is a new project of Cenotaph & Decimation members and hailing from Ankara, Turkey

The band brings sheer brutality in the style of Enmity, Disgorge,
early Deeds of Flesh (Golden-era of Brutal Death Metal Sounds)!

Expect their creation that embody raw&savage sounds perfectly!

Official band statement :
“We are very excited signing with Show No Mercy Records,
and proud to be a part of this brutal label,
expect our brutal debut full length album on 2017”

Please welcome Turkish Brutal Death Metal Masters