Interview With Selbst (Venezuela/Chile)

Fist Of Satan:  In preparation for this interview I scoured the internet for clues as to who or what SELBST is and I came up with very little. Can you talk a bit about what lead to formation of SELBST?

SELBST: Well, SELBST started somewhere between 2009 – 2010 as a full band, but it became a recording project in 2010, when I started to recording the first demo “Veritas Filia Temporis”. It was formed by “Frozen” on vocals and me, “N” on guitars, bass and lyrics.
Recently Frozen quit the band, so now I’m finishing the first full length recordings with a new vocalist and I have some new plans…

FOS: 2011 saw the release of the two track demo ‘Veritas Filia Temporis’ (Which translates to “Truth, Daughter of Time” if I am not mistaken). Were the songs something that were inside you and creating SELBST was the only way to expose them to the world? Or did the formation of SELBST come first?

S: I think I start Selbst with those two songs…That was the change, the moment when I realize that It won’t work as a full band, when it becomes more personal…

FOS: It’s often said that art is never finished but is just abandoned. Since it’s beginning SELBST has not released very many songs.
Are there reasons for such a limited musical output? Or are the vaults full of unreleased tracks?

S: This has been for many reasons, since I finished the demo in 2010 I started working in the full length, but it was postponing until I finally had the willingness (and conditions) to work on it at once I left my native country, Venezuela. Now I am in the final stage of recordings (only waiting for vocals) and It’s now announced the release of the first full length album to May 2017!
I think the best is what happens finally…

FOS: How do you create your music? Do start with lyrics? Or do riffs come first?

S: I think in general I am messy, I have no methodology to compose, I prefer let things flow…So sometimes lyrics came first, and sometimes the riffs, or whatever… I am more orderly and determined at the time of recording.

FOS: Regarding the actual recording, can you talk about your instruments and the recording process? There are a lot of aspiring musicians and gear-heads who would love to know.

S: Well, I work with a really simple gear, my laptop and a very simple audio interface. Nothing special to be mentioned…

FOS: What influences your art? Are you influenced by external forces such as the violence and corruption in your home country? Or do your influences mainly come from internal places?

S: At first I was more influenced by the shit that we lives in my country, I think that affected me as an individual. Right now I can look more inside me, I have less shit distracting me or something, so I can digging in my personal miseries and that was reflected in the EP and it will also be reflected in the full length…

FOS: It’s been over six years since SELBST began. Does it occupy the same role in your life as it did at the beginning?

S: It has always been a priority for me, but I think it takes a lot more of my time now. At the end one should devote himself to mundane things, but I have this always on my mind. Suffocating me somehow…

FOS: What is it like being a black metal band in Venezuela? Are you part of a scene or do you tend to keep to yourself?

S: Over time, I began to be present in the “scene”, but in a discreet way. I follow certain bands, I acquire their material and have contact with some members of whom are, in my opinion, remarkables. But I think I’m not too involved in this little shitty world…

FOS: What are the bands’ aspirations. Where would you like to be in the next couple of years?

S: I have no idea, maybe dead…

FOS: Artists are often not limited to mediums. Do you express yourself in ways other than black metal? Painting? Poetry? Etc.

S: Not for the moment.

FOS: What music have you been listening to lately? What books are you reading?

S: I’ve been listening to little black metal and metal in general because of the recordings and composition of the album, so I prefer to not contaminate me too much. So I’ve been listening to something from King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, In Solitude, Subrosa, and the last Secrets of the Moon album, to name a few. About books, I’ve been a bit lazy to read lately, the last I read was 1984, by Orwell.

FOS: Your latest EP ‘An Ominous Landscape’ was released by Sun & Moon Records of Romania. How did that alliance begin and was it beneficial to both parties?

S: They knew me for a demo I sent to them in 2012, if I’m not mistaken. Since then we have been in contact until the label that would releases my EP close, and I started looking for a label again.
And it has been excellent to work with them, their people very committed and have given me a lot of freedom. No complaints.

FOS: Final words are yours!

S: The first full length will be ready in May 2017 by Sun & Moon Records!

Thanks for your interest in Selbst!

Hails and Thanks to SELBST for doing this interview!

SELBST – “Selbst” will be one of the best and most interesting albums in black metal in 2017, no big words here, no pretentious wisdom, only the truth, mark our words!

A must for everyone devoted to Black Metal Art.