Review – Dead Limbs – Spiritus/Sulphur

Another Triumph for Brazil

The mysterious, intriguing group from Brazil, Dead Limbs, combines several influences in order to form a unique brand of Atmospheric Black Metal. Its members, Asclepius, Saturnus, and Poimandres, are deeply inspired by Greek Mythology, Hermetic Philosophy and the Souls video game series. Each of these contributed to a story the band wrote titled “The Ash Seeketh Embers”, the remnants of which morphed into the creative impetus for their album “Spiritus/Sulphur”.

A work of brilliant orchestration and beautifully coherent instrumentation, the album contains an overflowing cauldron of different styles, appealing to fans of Burzum, Summoning, Taake, and Blut Aus Nord. At times, the music even resembles the slow, acoustic elements of Opeth, as well as the epic, somewhat gothic aspects of Rotting Christ’s “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers”.

By bringing together these varying motifs, a blend of mainly Norwegian, Austrian, and French Black metal come to life, making riffs reminiscent of each of these scenes, all while sustaining that Brazilian flare that so many legendary bands possess i.e. Sepultura, Sarcófago, Krisiun, Vulcano, and so many others.

Also adding to this band’s greatness are the vocals, ranging from echoing whispers to melodic chants to powerful yells and shrieks which would move even the most weathered of Black Metal fans. They bring together the unprecedented atmosphere of Dead Limbs, perfectly complementing the riffs and ambiance of the music.

This album deserves any and all high praise which comes its way, as they are more than worthy of it.




Now available on Northern Silence Productions