Review – Black Pestilence – Carry On The Black Flame

Spreading the Pestilence

Driven by Valax’s thundering bass and vocals, Black Pestilence has been a force with which to be reckoned ever since its inception in 2008. Suitable for fans of Marduk, Toxic Holocaust, and Inquisition, their latest effort “Carry on the Black Flame (EP)”, featuring Little V (drums, backing vocals) and Viktor (guitar), is a magnificent barrage of Blackened Punk.

Each song consists of unique riffs (often in the vein of Punk with a Black Metal sound) which utilize different octaves and voicings in order to make a more full sound, rather than repeating the exact same chords. At times, there are melodic leads, usually with harmonies, over the riffs, creating more of a technical aspect and an extreme quality of structure, all the while contributing to their inimitably heavy sound.

On top of that, Little V’s rhythmically creative drumming and Valax’s clever use of electronic samples make Black Pestilence’s sound one of the most dynamic that I have ever heard. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why Black Pestilence has such a dynamic sound is Valax’s songwriting structure and orchestration.

This is put on full display at the start of the fourth track “Rise for Satan”— it starts with a slow, epic riff, accompanied by electronic noise samples. This riff steadily comes to a halt as it strips down to a stand-alone guitar melody and eventually to a brief silence, broken by the words “rise for Satan”. At that point, each of the instruments come in at a full speed attack in a way that only Black Pestilence can.

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