Review – Deeper Vileness – Daemonolatria (Demo)

A Visit to Hell

Many people who are not inclined to extreme music (or even genuinely fear it) will often say that it “sounds like Hell”. Myself, I have never had such feelings for extreme music; that is, until I heard Deeper Vileness’s demo “Daemonolatria”. It sounded like Hell and in the most extravagant way possible.

Written and played by Kadesh (vocals, guitars, keys) and Hades (drums), this recording was the third demo in a series by the band, who have been dubbed a “Necro Dungeon” group, and rightfully so. Their style of Black Metal is distinctly evil, utilizing dark atmospheric, as well as ambient, elements juxtaposed with utterly raw sections of full-on, in-your-face Black Metal in order to create a figurative “dungeon” for the listener.

What I find most commendable about this structure is that each of the constituents seamlessly shift from one to the other, which allows the “dungeon” atmosphere to never miss a beat throughout the whole of the demo, showing just how thoughtfully each of the compositions were made.

The more ambient parts of the music are centered on Kadesh’s keyboard work, which consists of complex melodies and motifs, often sounding like an organ in a deep, haunting chamber. As the music shifts to the sound of the full ensemble, the vintage lo-fi production (masterfully done by Sliabh) kicks in, Hades unleashes relentless blast beats straight from Hell, and Kadesh’s ripping guitar riffs and vocals are at full-throttle, making a sound reminiscent of early Horna and Archgoat— an onslaught of Finnish-style, raw chord progressions, despite Deeper Vileness being from Berlin.


When it all comes down to it, I would recommend this demo, and this band in general, to any and all Black Metal fans. I guarantee that it will be an enthralling experience.