Interview With Deeper Vileness (USA)

Fist Of Satan 666: Before we delve into things can you tell us what you’re currently listening to as you answer these questions?

Deeper Vileness: Camille Saent-Saens and Domenico Scarlatti. Brilliant Composers.

FOS: Let’s start at the beginning. Deeper Vileness came into being around 2012 while you were still in high school. What events or circumstances lead to the creation? Was it a need for personal expression? A reaction to circumstances?

DV: I was studying music at that time and I was also listening to many metal bands which I was discovering such as Venom and Bathory. I had originally wanted to do something along the lines of dark ambient, which is still present in the bands music. The ideas for the project were most definitely personal expression and exploring the darker side of music as a whole.

FOS: Once Deeper Vileness came into being it was a few years until the demo ‘Of Darker Realms’ was released. Can you describe the path from band creation to first release?

DV: The creation began with creating mock demo layouts, and song titles as well as an overall image of the band. I wanted to aim for a very dark and medieval type theme. I originally wanted to do a live trio but after a failed search for members locally I decided to do everything myself with the exemption of occasional session members. It took a while to put the instruments together and I had to borrow much of them. They were all very old ,thus the extremely raw sound on the first demo. My only regret is not recording while I was still at University.

FOS: In other interviews you’ve spoke of how your local scene is nothing more than people “jacking off to deathcore”. Black metal often is an expression of a musician’s emotions, philosophies, and beliefs. These are not generally things associated with a scene. Was a scene even necessary in the band’s formative years or was the lack of support just fuel for the fire?

DV: No a scene was never necessary,  I’ve had people message me from Austria and Romania that found the band’s demos at underground shows. My commentary in that interview was very tongue in cheek and was something of an inside  joke. I do not care for other people’s projects if they do not interest me.

FOS: As I write this I am listening to the ‘Dark Crypt Necromancy’ demo. Unlike a lot of black metal which often blends into the background your music constantly claws at the listener. Forcing itself to the forefront.

An unleashing of raw emotion seems to take precedence over more traditional song structure. Is this a conscious act on your part when writing music?

DV: It was indeed a conscious act for this release. I only compose while alone and often at night. The theme for the demo had to do with necromancy which is a very chaotic form of magick. Thus the sound was created to be chaotic.

FOS: Black metal, raw black metal especially, can be incredibly personal to the creator. Often the creators shroud themselves in an enigma with pseudonyms and mystery, creating a separation between the art and the person.

It seems you haven’t taken the traditional path and are more directly connected with music. Is there a place where Deeper Vileness ends and Kadesh begins? Or are Deeper Vileness and Kadesh one in the same?

DV: What others try to create an image of I already am. Some would try to present themselves in a certain way, I make my fantasies reality. I have no need to pretend.

FOS: On all your releases you go from ambient keyboards straight into raw black metal noise and then back again. It’s a constant shifting of gears from lulling the listener with a medieval dungeon like atmosphere to an unleashing of raw emotion.

Why do these styles work together for you? Why not make an entire dungeonsyth album and a separate raw black metal album?

DV: There will be less ambient and keyboard tracks on the next releases. There will be more of layers and breaks of keyboards in the song structure. As for making separate albums I would never call myself dungeon synth ,  I was making keyboard tracks before I even knew what that genre was.

FOS: You cite GG Allin as a big influence. GG was known for his confrontational and over the top personality more than he was known for his music. Is that something you strive for with Deeper Vileness? Have such actions affected how the people around you think of you?

DV: GG allin was never an influence to me. Artists that influence me change my perspective of music. But whether certain black metal bands existed or not I would still be making dark music. I’d  define myself as an intellectual who spends time reading philosophy and composing orchestral works. My personality is over the top in many ways but none of which I consider negative. More so …eccentric. I wear all black  and drink wine while listening to classical music. And often roam about the night through ruins and forests.

FOS: Where do you see Deeper Vileness going in the future? Do you have more plans for the journey rather than the destination?

DV: Well I definitely see the band gathering a following and releasing more intricate pieces of music. I have many plans, a destination is comfort and comfort breeds loss of ambition.

FOS: What else influences you to create? Do you have other creative outlets besides Deeper Vileness?

DV: It is pure artistic passion that befalls me. Once I have an idea I become obsessed with working on it.

I have many creative outlets. I’m working on literature, orchestral music, ambient music, art, and film at the moment. I hope to see much of it reach the public soon.

FOS: Final words are yours!

DV: It would please me to have any fans of the band look into my many other projects. There are related links on all my online pages. Come and hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones… you…are ..Invited!

Hails and thanks to Deeper Vileness for this interview. Their demos are on constant rotation so I enjoyed delving deeper into the Deeper Vileness mythos.

Check them out at:

Fist Of Satan 666 Podcast – Episode 007 – Black Metal!

Not really a ton to say about this week’s podcast. Obviously it’s all black metal but no general theme other than “awesome”!

0:00 – Sarastus – Routa

From the album ‘Demo I’ released on Depressive Illusions Records in 2015.
Country of Origin: Finland
Lyrical themes: Isolation, Hate, Death

2:59 – Old Graves – This Ruin Beneath Snowfall

From the album ‘This Run Beneath Snowfall’ released on Naturmacht Productions in 2015.
Country of Origin: Canada
Lyrical themes: Melancholy, Nature, Death

10:39 – Lebensnacht – Kuolema

From the album ‘Syksyn Kuoleminen’ released on Naturmacht Productions in 2013.
Country of Origin: Germany
Lyrical themes: Nature, Humans, Life, Death

19:32 – Epäihminen – Seitsensarvi [Tenhi cover]

Released digitally as a single in 2016.
Country of Origin: Finland
Lyrical themes: Hatred, Isolation, Death

23:48 – Vorna – Kaivatun Uni

From the album ‘Ajastaika’ released on Inverse Records in 2013.
Country of Origin: Finland
Lyrical themes: Paganism, Tuonela, Nature, Myths, Mental struggles

29:21 – Mortis Mutilati – Ophelia

From the album ‘Mélopée Funèbre’ released on Naturmacht Productions in 2015.
Country of Origin: France
Lyrical themes: Death, Eroticism, Taphophilia

35:45 – Thorybos – Haruga Flesh

From the album ‘Approaching Conflict’ released on Ván Records in 2014.
Country of Origin: Germany
Lyrical themes: Darkness, Death, Mythology, Ancient history, Bones

37:50 – Judas Iscariot – The Heavens Drop With Human Gore

From the album ‘Of Great Eternity’ released on Elegy Records in 1997.
Country of Origin: USA
Lyrical themes: Nihilism, Anti-Christianity

46:39 – Grá – Kraft

From the album ‘Grá’ released on Unexploded Records in 2011.
Country of Origin: Sweden
Lyrical themes: The dark aspects of ancient Scandinavian spirituality

50:21 – Saor – Carved In Stone

From the album ‘Roots’ released on Fortriu Productions in 2013.
Country of Origin: Scotland
Lyrical themes: Scottish Heritage, Highland Nature/Landscapes, Sorrow

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Capatus – Malus Ascendant – Now Out!

Carpatus was formed by Dizruptor in 1999, with an agenda to play Black Metal in the style of second wave bands such as Darkthrone, Satyricon and the likes. After a demo in 2001 earned them some notoriety in the local scene, they were signed on to Pazuzu Records, a label run by Brazilian Black Metal stalwarts Ocultan.

In 2003 they released their first full length album called “Out of the Desolation Planet” which showcased their aggressive and obscure style. The album quickly spread through the underground scene, gaining praise from listeners. Their second album “Procellarum” came out in April 2006 which furthered the band’s reputation in Brazil, cementing their position as one of the country’s best Black Metal acts. However in 2010 the band decided to withdraw back into the shadows, until 2015 when the band announced their return.

Between 2015 and 2016 recording for the new album “Malus Ascendant” was underway with Dizruptor handling all of the vocals & instruments, except for drums which were done by session musician Morbus Deimos. These tracks feature the band at their strongest and most consistent, bringing to mind the classic era of early 90’s Norwegian Black Metal. The attack is intensified by a production quality that maintains the clarity without sacrificing any of the aggression. The album is produced by notable Brazilian underground producer Marcos Cerutti, and was later mastered in Sweden by the legendary Dan Swano.

The album was released worldwide on February 20th 2017 through Black Lion Records, making it the band’s first worldwide release.

Stream/Purchase The Album

Malus Ascendant

(Full Length)

Genre: Black Metal

Location: Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil

Release Date: February 20, 2017

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CD & Digital

Track – List:

1. Rites of Fire and Blood
2. The Cold Autumn Sunrise
3. Aeon Damnation
4. Flames to Eternity
5. A Missa Funebre
6. From a Dreadful Past
7. Behold the Mournful Nature



Dizruptor – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Morbus Deimos – Session Drums

Hells Headbangers – New Pre Orders Available

CEMETERY URN – Cemetery Urn – CD / LP / TAPE / T-SHIRT

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present CEMETERY URN’s long-awaited third album, Cemetery Urn, on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape formats. HELLS HEADBANGERS previously worked with CEMETERY URN in releasing the band’s first two albums – 2008’s Urn of Blood and 2010’s The Conquered Are Burned, both originally self-released on CD – on vinyl in 2011.

Formed in 2006 in Melbourne, CEMETERY URN specialize in a vicious, martial form of death metal they’ve branded “”Australian Barbaric Death Metal.”” The band itself has a deep history in extreme metal: founding guitarist and songwriter Andrew Gillon also hails from reactivated Aussie barbarians ABOMINATOR, and previously played in the final lineup of BESTIAL WARLUST; original vocalist Damon Bloodstorm was renowned as the frontman for BESTIAL WARLUST and for ABOMINATOR from 1996-2001; new vocalist Chris Volcano is the founding drummer of ABOMINATOR – and more recently their vocalist – and concurrently plays drums in Ignivomous, and previously played drums on a handful of DENOUNCEMENT PYRE’s EPs, Urgrund’s Unchangeable Fate album, and DESTROYER 666’s Six Songs With the Devil demo; and new drummer Matt Crossingham has played with such bands as Belligerent Intent, Scars of Sodom, and Draconis Infernum.

CEMETERY URN are a study in staunch self-reliance. Their first two albums were released on Gillon’s own label, Cemetery Recordings, and the band self-booked two highly successful tours across the United States: the Blood of the Damned U.S. Tour in June 2008, which encompassed 17 shows alongside Angelcorpse and Gospel of the Horns, and the Western U.S. Torment Tour in October 2010, where they headlined 10 shows through Texas, California, Oregon, and Washington State. Now, armed with the support of HELLS HEADBANGERS, CEMETERY URN are prepared to unleash their most decisive and devastating attack yet in Cemetery Urn. A ten-track nuclear warhead, CEMETERY URN’s third album takes the unremitting savagery of their first two full-lengths to its furthest extreme yet, exhibiting both power and poise in the middle of an incendiary maelstrom, and further solidifying the band’s reputation for upholding Australia’s rich tradition of extreme metal barbarity.”

First song streaming now!

SCUMRIPPER – “Scumripper” (7″ EP)


HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present SCUMRIPPER’s self-titled EP on 7″ vinyl. Self-released digitally late last year, Scumripper is the nasty, sewage-drenched debut offering from this trio of vocalist/guitarist Rat Pitt, drummer Son Stalker, and bassist Cliff Hunger. With an MO like that, it’s no surprise that SCUMRIPPER charge forward with a short ‘n’ swift attack of grinding metalpunk rooted in the likes of Repulsion, The Mentors, Abscess, and Autopsy’s punkest moments. It’s violent and vile, but also immediately memorable and mandatorily headbanging. A cursory reading of some of Scumripper‘s song titles – “Shit Needle Crown,” “Cum Killa,” “Run to the Pills,” and especially “Gutter Heights” – should soundly spell out exactly where these three miscreants are coming from. Take a quick trip through the gutter with SCUMRIPPER, and await their forthcoming debut album from HELLS HEADBANGERS!



Latest Releases From Tour De Garde – Support The Underground!

PAGAN HELLFIRE “On the Path to Triumph” 12″LP

Pagan Hellfire is one of the best and oldest Canadian black metal hordes. Their fifth album is no different than all their previous efforts, a restless, powerful and epic black metal journey. A spark from the now forgotten genuine days of the 90s, Pagan Hellfire is staying true to the original black metal sound and ideal. Tour de Garde is proud to collaborate on the vinyl version of another Pagan Hellfire masterpiece.




AMESTIGON “Through the Ages we preserve / Mysterious Realms” Pro-MC

A glorious relic from the forgotten times of Austrian black metal underground…. The first two demos from Amestigon, “Through the Ages we preserve…” (1995) and “Mysterious Realms” (1995), are now gathered on a single pro-cassette release including the rare “Moon turning red” track which originally appeared “The first Battle Cry” (1994). Amestigon were sailing the same waters as Abigor and Summoning, signed a contract with Napalm Records back in the day, and were having everything in hand to become as known as their country mates. Tour de Garde is honored to finally make these rare recordings available again on cassette format. If you were not lucky enough to obtain a copy of these demos back then or if you simply weren’t there, it’s your chance to grab a parcel of what you missed… The pure essence of the true black metal underground.



AMESTIGON “Remembering Ancient Origins” Pro-MC

Originally released as an highly limited CD-R and available for the first time on cassette, “Remembering Ancient Origins” is a monument of supreme Austrian black metal art. Four epic, glorious and frightening sinister hymns and an intro, all recorded back in 1999. It’s now your chance to hold in your hands one of the purest and rarest artifacts of the almighty Austrian black metal underground.




There are people who love, there are people who hate. Diapsiquir is an installment that divides, welcome to “180°” and if you don’t like it please leave now… A chaotic, poetic and realistic voyage into Damien and Pascal’s reality. Diapsiquir escapes the nostalgic fantasies of the metal underground to create a profound analysis of their life and the modern world that surrounds them. Musically somewhere in between Fantomas, Assassin and Jacques Brel, Diapsiquir provides a new kind of music for a new kind of listener. It’s now time to leave the past behind… Be warned that understanding French is a must to enjoy the poetry behind this masterpiece.



SAPAUDIA “Sainte nuit” Pro-MC

The relatively unknown Sapaudia might be a whisper from the depths of the French black metal underground but a recent addition to this French unit’s lineup has made a very interesting case for exploring. Re-introducing Swedish black metal vocalist and weirdo extraordinaire Ravenlord, formerly of Woods of Infinity fame, the powerful, morose atmospheric black metal defined in Sapaudia’s debut, which is actually featured in a subsequent section, Sapaudia’s sonic depression takes on a much more sinister, desperate persona. Youngster Duc de Sapaudia’s traditional take on a more depressive black metal sound which wouldn’t sound out of place on a shelf with Shining and Drudkh, pairs perfectly with Ravenlord’s over-the-top shrieks and wails. Though this ultimately leaves us with an unquenchable thirst for more Woods of Infinity, Sapaudia fills the void left in their absence surprisingly well.



COFFINSHADE “Songs for the Sleeping Dead” Pro-MC

Gloomy, mysterious and depressive black metal created by darkened souls from the U.S. (Lord Psychosis) and Poland (Cmentarna Dusza). Coffinshade’s “Songs for the Sleeping Dead” is a revival of forgotten sorrow and of living nightmares. Raw, atmospheric and yet progressive underground black metal to its best… A magnificient release to listen to on rainy days or solitary nights.



Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

A:S: “Necroveneto” MC
BLACK WITCHERY “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom ” Pro-MC
BLOOD TYRANT “Aristocracy of Twilight” Pro-MC
CURVED BLADE “Coiled Together” 7″EP
OLD TOWER “The Rise of the Specter” Pro-MC
PAGAN HELLFIRE “Distant Winds Returns” Pro-MC
SACRED DOMINIONS “Sacred Dominions” MC
WĘDROWCY~TUŁACZE~ZBIEGI “Światu jest wszystko jedno” CD

Sons Ov Omega – Reign – Out Now!

SONS OV OMEGA was formed in Umeå, Sweden, in 2012 by Tiamat Invictuz and Arktos. They were soon joined by Mors on lead Guitar. Originally Tiamat Invictuz held the role as Bass-player, but the lack of a rhythm guitarist resulted in Tiamat Invictuz taking up the role. At the same time, Anthropos joined with the role of vocalist. This was the start of the creative process.

With the vast difference in musical influence, the band spent most of their time trying to find a common ground, a structure of the band and a shared vision in music, lyrics, themes and future. The following years were spent refining the sound. Mors and Tiamat Invictuz wrote tracks upon tracks, while Tiamat Invictuz and Anthropos collaborated to find a cohesive lyrical theme to represent the band. Their shared fascination with death and annihilation turned their eyes to the mythologies, tales and deities of the apocalypse.

And in 2015, when Sons ov Omega finally was ready to enter the studio, they choose to record a full-length album with the tracks that had survived throughout the years. It resulted in the debut album “Reign”. The album showcases a sonic template whose genre can be very hard to pinpoint, bringing to mind the classic works of Edge of Sanity, Enslaved and even Opeth. In 2016 Sons Ov Omega signed with Black Lion Records for its release. “Reign” is set for release in February 18th,2017 at a live concert in Umeå, Sweden, and fellow label mates Defiatory and Wormlight will be playing as the supporting acts.

Sons Ov Omega
(Full Length)

Genre: Melodic Black/Death

Location: Umea, Sweden

Release Date: February 18, 2017

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CD & Digital (All Major Platforms)

Track – List:

1. Pandora
2. Fields of Vermin
3. Quetzalcoatl
4. Nuclear Salvation
5. Malleus Maleficarum
6. Kali

7. Brainwave Zero
8. The Tempest
9. Deluge
10. Dreams of a Sunken City (Intro)
11. Cthulhu


Available on Bandcamp

Anthropos – Vocals
Tiamat Invictuz – Guitars/Vocals
Mors – Guitars
Arktos – Drums

Frowning – Extinct – Out Now! (Funeral Doom!)

Black Lion Records has unveiled the sophomore album of German One Man Funeral Doom Metal project “Frowning”. 

Being impressed with the mesmerizing music of Pantheist and Evoken, Val founded his own Funeral Doom Metal project “Fowning” in January 2011. “Funeral Impressions”, the debut full length of the band was released on October 25th, 2014 and this album turned the band into an admirable name inside the Funeral Doom Metal scene.

“Extinct”, a nice follow up to the debut album that took the world by storm, contains 5 stunning tracks of pure Funeral Doom. Mournful gut-wrenching growls, eerie cold melodic atmosphere, desolate tones of acoustic guitar, slow, crumbling and drone oriented riffs — all of these elements of the album ensure that a phenomenal Funeral Doom journey is awaiting for the listeners.

METAL INJECTION has exclusively streamed the entire album, which can be found at this location 


(Full Length)
GENRE Funeral Doom Metal
LOCATION Weinböhla, Saxony, Germany
RELEASE DATE Feb 17, 2017
LABEL Black Lion Records
FORMAT CD & Digital


Track – List:

1. Nocturnal Void
2. Encumbered by Vermin
3. Veiled in Fog
4. Buried Deep
5. Frédéric Chopin’s Marche Funèbre



Val Atra Niteris – Everything


Order the Album:



Fist Of Satan 666 Podcast – Episode 006 – Calgary Metal

Calgary, while a fairly sparsely populated when compared to parts of Europe and Asia, boasts a very robust metal scene.

While our strengths are firmly rooted in the technical death metal genre Calgary has produced some top notch bands in pretty much every metal sub-genre.

Calgary is a prime example of quality of quantity.

Those familiar with the Calgary metal scene will surely be asking “Where’s Operation Winter Mist?” and “How could you leave out Divinity?”.

While researching for this podcast I was pretty overwhelmed by how many amazing bands are in Calgary. I’ve tried to balance with the roots of our scene, the heavy weights and some of the new blood. Had I not made the hard choices this would easily have been a five hour podcast.

0:00 – Black Pestilence – Carry On The Black Flame

From the album ‘Carry On The Black Flame’ released by independently in 2016.
Formed in 2008
Genre: Black Metal with Punk/Noise Influences
Lyrical themes: Satanism, Social issues

2:44 – Ye Goat – Herd Gods – Beneath the Trees

From the album ‘Becoming Flesh’ released independently in 2012.
Formed in 2010
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: War, Death, Destruction, Disease

7:31 – Eldensky – Breaking of the Sky

From the album ‘From Forgotten Pagan Realms’ released by Sounds of the Land Records in 2011.
Formed in 2007
Genre: Folk/Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Folklore, Nature, Heathen Legends, Norse Mythology

12:26 – Beyond Possession – Vengeance

From the album ‘Tell Tale Heart’ release independently in 1985
Formed in 1985
Genre: Thrash Metal/Crossover
Lyrical themes: Frustration, Surrounding pressures, Social Issues

15:06 – Hellborn Death Engines – Bridge of no Return

From the album ‘Welcome To The Hellmouth’ released independently in 2014.
Formed in 2011
Genre: Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: Video games, Movies, Comic books, Pop culture

20:28 – Meggido – Evolution Outlawed

From the album ‘Evolution Outlawed’ released independently in 2016.
Formed in 2015
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

24:09 – Ravenous – Into The Abyss

From the album ‘Eternal Hunger’ released independently in 2016.
Formed in 2016
Genre: Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Battle, Victory

28:08 – Hrom – Hellbound

From the album ‘Legends of Powerheart Part I’ released independently in 2015.
Formed in 2008
Genre: Power/Speed Metal
Lyrical themes: Space, Fantasy, Reality

33:02 – Viathyn – Frail Titan

From the album ‘The Peregrine Way’ released independently in 2010.
Formed in 2016
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Personal Struggles, Nature, Cosmicism

39:25 – Exit Strategy – The Duality of Man

From the album ‘United State of Amnesia’ released independently in 2008.
Formed in 2006
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes: Anti-War

43:05 – DayOne – Spawned Of Murder

From the album ‘DayOne’ released independently in 2015.
Formed in 2010
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Murder, Revenge, Killing

46:18 – Akakor – Psychotropic

From the album ‘Human Sacrifice’ released independently in 2010.
Formed in 2008
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Grindcore

48:42 – Breaker – Satan’s Lyre

From the album ‘In Days Of Heavy Metal’ released by Iron Head in 1982.
Formed in 1982
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Freedom, Metal, Satan

52:50 – Touchdown – On The Run

From the album ‘Tricks Of A Trade’ released by Woolfe Records in 1985.
Formed in 1983
Genre: Heavy Metal

56:46 – Reverend Kill – 666 Conspiracy

From the album ‘His Blood, Our Victory’ release by MercyKill in 2008.
Formed in 2004
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Satan

1:00:32 – Okazaki Fragments – As The Planet Falls

From the album ‘Abandoned’ released independently in 2015.
Formed in 2014
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes: Science, Misanthropy, Society, Darkness, Hate, Space

1:03:34 – Cultist – Incessant Overuse

From the album ‘Demo 2016’ released independently in 2016.
Formed in 2015
Genre: Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Sci-fi, Mythology/Legends, Society, Mental Illness

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Interview With Selbst (Venezuela/Chile)

Fist Of Satan:  In preparation for this interview I scoured the internet for clues as to who or what SELBST is and I came up with very little. Can you talk a bit about what lead to formation of SELBST?

SELBST: Well, SELBST started somewhere between 2009 – 2010 as a full band, but it became a recording project in 2010, when I started to recording the first demo “Veritas Filia Temporis”. It was formed by “Frozen” on vocals and me, “N” on guitars, bass and lyrics.
Recently Frozen quit the band, so now I’m finishing the first full length recordings with a new vocalist and I have some new plans…

FOS: 2011 saw the release of the two track demo ‘Veritas Filia Temporis’ (Which translates to “Truth, Daughter of Time” if I am not mistaken). Were the songs something that were inside you and creating SELBST was the only way to expose them to the world? Or did the formation of SELBST come first?

S: I think I start Selbst with those two songs…That was the change, the moment when I realize that It won’t work as a full band, when it becomes more personal…

FOS: It’s often said that art is never finished but is just abandoned. Since it’s beginning SELBST has not released very many songs.
Are there reasons for such a limited musical output? Or are the vaults full of unreleased tracks?

S: This has been for many reasons, since I finished the demo in 2010 I started working in the full length, but it was postponing until I finally had the willingness (and conditions) to work on it at once I left my native country, Venezuela. Now I am in the final stage of recordings (only waiting for vocals) and It’s now announced the release of the first full length album to May 2017!
I think the best is what happens finally…

FOS: How do you create your music? Do start with lyrics? Or do riffs come first?

S: I think in general I am messy, I have no methodology to compose, I prefer let things flow…So sometimes lyrics came first, and sometimes the riffs, or whatever… I am more orderly and determined at the time of recording.

FOS: Regarding the actual recording, can you talk about your instruments and the recording process? There are a lot of aspiring musicians and gear-heads who would love to know.

S: Well, I work with a really simple gear, my laptop and a very simple audio interface. Nothing special to be mentioned…

FOS: What influences your art? Are you influenced by external forces such as the violence and corruption in your home country? Or do your influences mainly come from internal places?

S: At first I was more influenced by the shit that we lives in my country, I think that affected me as an individual. Right now I can look more inside me, I have less shit distracting me or something, so I can digging in my personal miseries and that was reflected in the EP and it will also be reflected in the full length…

FOS: It’s been over six years since SELBST began. Does it occupy the same role in your life as it did at the beginning?

S: It has always been a priority for me, but I think it takes a lot more of my time now. At the end one should devote himself to mundane things, but I have this always on my mind. Suffocating me somehow…

FOS: What is it like being a black metal band in Venezuela? Are you part of a scene or do you tend to keep to yourself?

S: Over time, I began to be present in the “scene”, but in a discreet way. I follow certain bands, I acquire their material and have contact with some members of whom are, in my opinion, remarkables. But I think I’m not too involved in this little shitty world…

FOS: What are the bands’ aspirations. Where would you like to be in the next couple of years?

S: I have no idea, maybe dead…

FOS: Artists are often not limited to mediums. Do you express yourself in ways other than black metal? Painting? Poetry? Etc.

S: Not for the moment.

FOS: What music have you been listening to lately? What books are you reading?

S: I’ve been listening to little black metal and metal in general because of the recordings and composition of the album, so I prefer to not contaminate me too much. So I’ve been listening to something from King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, In Solitude, Subrosa, and the last Secrets of the Moon album, to name a few. About books, I’ve been a bit lazy to read lately, the last I read was 1984, by Orwell.

FOS: Your latest EP ‘An Ominous Landscape’ was released by Sun & Moon Records of Romania. How did that alliance begin and was it beneficial to both parties?

S: They knew me for a demo I sent to them in 2012, if I’m not mistaken. Since then we have been in contact until the label that would releases my EP close, and I started looking for a label again.
And it has been excellent to work with them, their people very committed and have given me a lot of freedom. No complaints.

FOS: Final words are yours!

S: The first full length will be ready in May 2017 by Sun & Moon Records!

Thanks for your interest in Selbst!

Hails and Thanks to SELBST for doing this interview!

SELBST – “Selbst” will be one of the best and most interesting albums in black metal in 2017, no big words here, no pretentious wisdom, only the truth, mark our words!

A must for everyone devoted to Black Metal Art.