Fist Of Satan 666’s Top 6 Albums – January 14th

So, what ear fucked you this week?

After a splurge of purchases over the Christmas break packages have started showing up in my mailbox.

Here (in no particular order) are the albums that stood out for me this week!

  • Drowning The Light – Oceans of Eternity – MC (Tour De Garde)
  • Pagan Hellfire – A Voice From Centuries Away – CD (Tour De Garde)
  • Mourning Forest – De La Vermine – mp3 (Hass Weg)
  • Dead Limbs – Spiritus/Sulphur – mp3 (Northern Silence)
  • Scáth Na Déithe – Pledge Nothing But Flesh – mp3 (Independent)
  • Croc Noir – Froid – MC (Corde Raide Productions)