Toilet ov Hell Streaming 2nd Single of Miserist’s S/T EP (Experimental Black/Death from Australia)

MISERIST is the horrendous, gnarliest sound generating Experimental Black/Death Metal project that was previously known as Headwar and released a demo under that moniker. This heinous Australian act is to release the Self-Titled EP under Krucyator Productions, a label that has already been exalted for unleashing music of Autokrator, N.K.V.D. etc.

Taking influences from Gnaw Their Tongues, Portal, Ulcerate and Gorguts, and incorporating Noise, Drone and Industrial elements destructively with Black, Death and Doom music, the 06th tracked, unorthodoxly structured instrumental EP will be a taste of a pure extermination to the listeners.

Geraldo’s documentary The Last Great Disgrace inspired the EP.  The documentary exposes the torment and wrongdoing took place at Staten Island’s Willowbrook State School, a mental asylum and education center for children.

Toilet ov Hell Exclusively Streamed The 5th Track “Lung Rust” from the album, which can be found at this location

This is what the band member had to say regarding the track:

“I’d just watched a documentary on a mental asylum for kids, and I thought of what it would be like in there, treated like an animal, trapped in dark rooms with people that could kill you, rape you or defecate on you at any second. Just pure misery. This is what I thought of while recording these tracks and I used this as a theme for the album. It was mixed from February 2015 until March 2016, but most of the guitar was recorded in a few weeks. I was in a dark place and after seeing that documentary it just all spilled out. I added to it bit by bit, added other sounds, and everything else over time. Each track name had meaning to that. The track “Lung Rust” is basically about what the kids would’ve felt. Breathing in toxic fumes, hot air in the summer, and diseases. Feeling like they can’t breathe.”

MISERIST – Self-Titled EP
GENRE Experimental Black/Death (Instrumental)
LOCATION Australia
RELEASE DATE February 13, 2017
LABEL Krucyator Productions
FORMAT CD &  Digital (All Major Platforms)

Track – List:

1. Skin, Mold & Flame
2. Miserist
4. Horror Infinitum
5. Lung Rust
6. Narikuntu




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