The Projectionist (Black Metal)

The Projectionist (previously known as Lord Matzigkeitus), is initiated by the frontman Lord Matzigkeitus (Ex – Idolatry). He was soon joined by comrades from some other diabolic acts including Vile Insignia, Unrest, Ov Enochian, Belchior etc. to evoke new unexplored domains of intellectual fury and bleakness in black metal with complete despotic will poured over its endeavors. It is a force in its own right to provoke the listeners with haunting layers of varied shrieks and mournful yet passionate violent guitar work.

The new Projectionist full length “Poisonous Disengagement” is a true pure black metal recording rife with hatred, isolation and anhedonia. The brainchild of Lord Matzigkeitus (ex-Idolatry) explores vast chasms of darkness and is sonorously evil in every way conjurable. Despondent album cover crafted by C. Hernandez of Xasthur.

A modern sorcery for captive audience in a shadowed state. A ferocious cover of “Under the Blade” (A Classic from Twisted Sister) has added a different aura into the album.

Grieve your days into new wines of torture and illness!!